The growth of Cloud Computing has created a new goldmine and this paper describes the opportunity and shows how it can be exploited.

There is a significant increased risk of Insider Attack simply because utilising a Managed Service Provider (MSP) widens the potential attack population and as human motives of greed, revenge and ideology persist, there is more likelihood that these inspire malevolent acts (intelligence gathering, sabotage, ransom) by Insiders and their collaborators.

The overlap of MSP credentials that can access their Clients Systems make penetration of the MSP a fruitful target allowing a rich vein of data plunder from the Clients. The recent published report “Operation Cloud Hopper”  by PWC and BAE Systems describe the mechanisms of such an attack.

Having a Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Technology that can resist country sponsored hacks and deny Insider attacks is of course the answer, but most existing techniques do not pass scrutiny on close inspection.  If you think Password only credentials are adequate or believe Biometrics provide access with non-repudiation or think SMS validation is secure, or if you feel that popular authentication products that rely on fixed secrets are safe from Insider attacks; we can definitely improve your scrutiny thresholds.

We suggest that an additional necessary attribute for an Identity Provider is that the Client should “own” it. This prevents locked-in syndrome to the main MSP and also allows other Cloud Providers to be accessed with a consistent level of Identity Assurance. Such independent Identity Provider provision is possible using the Open Id Connect Protocol.

Now the good news- we can let you mine this new goldmine by using our radical, innovative challenge-response methodology, CASQUE SNR, which provides Key Generation and Key Distribution without dependence on a fixed secret and so is immune from Insider attacks.

CASQUE SNR is proven – in use by UK Ministry of Defence, recent version certified at source code level by UK’s National Cyber Security Centre as suitable for Secret. CASQUE SNR is protected – US patent granted with all of its 19 claims in 2016, three further inventions remain as private knowhow, no dependence on any third party IP. CASQUE SNR is definable – In US NIST 2016 publication “Digital Identity Guidelines”, it fulfils the criteria of a “Multi-factor Cryptographic Hardware device able to address Assurance Requirements at Level 3” which is the highest level.

Adding CASQUE SNR to your offerings brings a powerful differentiator as well as a lucrative revenue stream.

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