Company History

Distributed Management Systems (DMS) is a private, limited company owned by its directors who are UK nationals and is based in Feniscowles, near Blackburn. Lancashire, England.

The new CASQUE product is the second generation of authentication technology which has previously been used by G4S, O2 Airwave and UK’s Ministry of Defence. The new product is called CASQUE SNR has been developed from scratch.

CASQUE SNR is a mutual, multi-factor authentication methodology that includes key distribution and key management.

CASQUE hand held Tokens are active devices that resist cloning.

Fundamental in the design of CASQUE SNR is the capability to automatically recover from Insider Attacks.

One of the inventions that underpin CASQUE SNR has been granted a US Patent, “A Scalable Authentication System” in May 2016.

Philip Felcey


Non- executive Chairman, Philip Felcey held senior positions in the Chemical Industry, most recently as head of ICI’s global Acrylics business. Within DMS, he focusses mainly on marketing and business planning.

Basil Philipsz


Inventor, product designer and main driving force behind the company’s success. PhD in Pure Maths and a fascination for cryptography and internet security.

Ernie Hayes

Technical Director

An expert in object technology, embedded software and Web architecture with a First Class Maths degree. Ernie has been producing exemplary software with robustness and efficiency.

Dick West

Partnership Director

An aeronautical engineer by training with an MBA from Manchester Business School, Dick has a wide experience of sales development in technology based businesses.