CASQUE SNR is the next generation of Identity Assurance that has potential to supersede existing solutions. It provides Identity Assurance for both people and things, and has significant advantages over existing products with respect to security, resilience, usability, including defence against insider attacks. CASQUE SNR’s keys are changed dynamically and invisibly, removing fixed targets and hence becoming immune to insider attacks, token clones and manufacturer compromise.

Multi-functional ability with widespread commercial opportunities:

CASQUE SNR is fully self-contained with no third party dependencies. The technology allows it to be deployed within Internet of Things communications, providing a large potential market. CASQUE SNR has the ability to be scaled up to large user numbers without performance degradation. It has both Optical and Wireless Contactless tokens allowing it to cope with any client infrastructure. CASQUE SNR works on any Client Operating system, on any screen.

Proven, accredited with track record of superior functionality:

Secure IP with a US and EU patent protected invention. Certification at source code level by UK’s NCSC (part of GCHQ). Approval from NATO, deployed and relied upon 24/7 by UK’s Ministry of Defence.